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Established in 1986, Delmon Holdings prides itself on being a private, family owned group of diversified companies holding high standards of ethics, built around integrity and transparency.

Commencing its humble journey as a travel agent to the largest recruiting company in Bahrain, the company later on established its recruitment arm in 1989 becoming the pioneer in the recruitment of Sri Lankan workers to Cyprus. As a result of this association the company gained the opportunity to trade in tea and spices to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai and Cyprus, with relationships formed and trust gained within the business community in the Middle East. This consequently led to the formation of the group’s trading arm.

Continuing its’ journey forward, the company entered the aviation sector when being appointed as the exclusive agent in Sri Lanka for Kazan Helicopters in 1993. Together the company was able to supply the very first Russian MI-17 transport helicopters ever to be purchased by the Sri Lankan Air Force. In 1996, the company became the exclusive agent in Sri Lanka for Avia Baltika Aviation of Lithuania and St. Petersburg Aircraft Repair Company (SPARC) of Russia.

The group has since expanded its’ trading division by partnering with many reputed local and multinational companies as their distributors and business partner in different areas of the country.

In 1998, Lafarge Cement, one of the giants in world cement, appointed the groups trading company as one of its’ main cement distributor’s in Sri Lanka. Starting with distribution to the retail market, Delmon Trading rapidly grew and took on the supply of duty free and duty paid Lafarge cement to many large infrastructure development projects in the country. Since 2009, the group has expanded its’ distribution network by becoming distributors of Lion Beer PLC, Diageo PLC and Unilever PLC.

With the end of the 30-year civil war in 2009, Sri Lanka’s economy opened a new chapter and the country embarked in large development projects, thereby growing at a rapid pace. Capitalising on this opportunity, the group then diversified its’ interest in infrastructure development projects and began to facilitate both local and foreign organisations to partake in public tendering by partnering and coordinating in their public procurement offers.

With further plans for growth, we at Delmon Holdings will continue our passion towards greater achievements by diversifying our group portfolio and venturing into new fields of businesses.

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